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Although Lithium Motorsports started back in Project Cars 1 in an individual raced league, the team’s roots lay in endurance racing. The teamwork that is put into a 12- or 24-hour race is what our team is all about. Therefore, our drivers need to be consistent and safe more than anything.

Sharing a car for races like this also asks for being able to drive fast with different setups as compromises is often needed for the car to fit all drivers as much as possible.

At the moment, iRacing’s Special Events and Endurance Series is our main focus as a team, while having an interest in leagues like NEO for the future.

If a driver finds interest in championships on an individual level, Lithium is always interested in supporting and helping to make it happen.

Off the track, our team is both active on social media and in streaming to share as much as possible. Besides it being channels to get our partners out to our followers, it is also to make sure the team’s supporters can have an insight in what we do.

Last but not least, the team consists of friends racing together. When new people join the team they are welcomed into a group of people who enjoy spending hours together even though they are from far across the world.

So, if you are looking to become part of something “more”, and can see yourself as part of our team, contact us through the contact form here on our website, or find us on Facebook.

// Team LMS

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