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A racecar is nothing if not sporting sponsor logos on it, so Lithium is always open for new partnerships. It goes without saying that Sim-Racing is an expensive hobby, and when competing in big championships, even more expenses is created, such as gear, entries and travel. As a team we want to cover as much as possible for our drivers as long as they represent Lithium Motorsports. That though, asks for a healthy economy within the team.

One way to create such an economy is through partnerships, and that is what we offer you!

Partnerships can come in many forms such as for a specific event/race, for a championship or for a period of time. Most important is that it’s created together with you. Generally, our services include sponsors on our cars, material and streams and getting featured on our social media and website. Besides that, we are open to all propositions.

It’s very important to us at Lithium that everyone is equal. Therefore, all funds or goods received through sponsorships, deals and donations is used for the team itself. Whether this is for race entries, services for all drivers or maintaining the team’s services such as this website, is decided by the managers. That way we make sure that everyone is treated equally within the team.

So, if you are interested in a unique partnership in the world of Sim-Racing contact us here or on Facebook. Together we will make sure to make a deal that will benefit both you and our team.

// Team LMS

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